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Burning in the open

Fire Danger Rating for City of Playford

Wednesday 27 April

Adelaide Metropolitan areas:


Mount Lofty Ranges areas: 


Updated 4.30pm 27 April for more information on CFS Fire Danger rating click here.


Do I need permission to burn off?

The new Environment Protection (Air Quality Policy) 2016 came into effect with the intention of boosting the health of South Australians, their communities and the environment through improved air quality.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) policy, which took effect from 23 July 2016, includes a number of changes to allowable burning activities in Council areas.

Under new EPA legislation, written permits are required from Council for all burn offs in the Playford area. This includes the burning of tree prunings, vegetable or fruit prunings and vines, and burning off for bushfire preparedness.

Burning Permits help to ensure the safety of those that are doing the burning, as well as the surrounding neighbours and community. It also ensures that all burning is done within the rules and regulations and also assists in bushfire prevention to reduce the amount of materials that could catch fire in an emergency. 

You can apply for a permit here

Completed application forms need to be returned to:

Given the high winter rainfall, property owners are encouraged to prepare their property for bushfire season. For more information about keeping your property bushfire safe, click here

Under the new policy, only charcoal can be used in a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for heating an outdoor area permitted in metropolitan areas and townships. No other fuels are permitted.

Burning off during Fire Danger season (which is usually between 1 December and 30 April) is prohibited across the City of Playford. 



Policy conditions and requirements

Can I use a fire for the preparation of food and beverages?


No permit or permission required. The fire must be restricted to a size adequate for the preparation of food or beverage.

Can I use a brazier, chiminea or a fire pit for outdoor domestic heating?


No permit or permission required. Fuel is restricted to charcoal only

Can I still have a campfire in the course of camping, scouting or a similar outdoor recreational activity?


No longer permitted as of 23 July 2016. Council may grant permits in extenuating circumstances.

Can I still burn agricultural or forestry waste?


Council approval through individual permit or general notice published in a newspaper

Will still be able to burn off for bushfire hazard reduction?


Council approval through individual permit or general notice published in a newspaper


Download the Burning Permit Application Form here.

Completed application forms need to be returned to:


Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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