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the lizard lounge - australia day 2017

Did we see you at the Lizard Lounge?

The stall was part of the City of Playford's Australia Day celebrations. Check out the photos by scrolling through them above, or view the whole set on Flickr.

Many young - and not so young! - people took their chance to bling-up a Blue-tongue or bejewel a Bearded Dragon! Adjacent stalls allowed for all-age nature play with Natural Resource Management's education unit, and a chance to get up-close to some critters with Animals Anonymous.

It was a great day! Thanks go to all those who took part.



backyard biodiversity stall - australia day 2016

Did we see you at the Backyard Biodiversity stall?

The stall was part of the City of Playford's Australia Day celebrations. Check out the photos by scrolling through them above, or view the whole set here.

Activities included the Possum Pledge, where residents were photographed making commitments to boost the backyard biodiversity of the city and making shorebird mobiles to celebrate the creation of the new Adelaide Inernational Bird Sanctuary, which will include Playford's entire coastal strip.

It was a great day! Thanks go to all those who took part.



Did we see you at the Flyway Festival?

Did you see at our stall at the Flyway Festival, the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, held at St Kilda on Saturday October 17th? Check out the photos! -

flyway festival - oct 2015

Playford's stall at the inaugural Flyway Festival, which celebrating the creation of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, proved a hit! You can scroll throught the images above, or see the whole album here!


Did you know that Playford's entire coastline will be incorporated into this important new sanctuary? See the videos below for more information of this great new reserve:




Inaugural Come 'n' Try  Awesome Autumn Seed Orchard Extravaganza at the Little Para Seed Orchard, Sat 11 April 2015

Seed collecting at the Inaugural Come 'n' Try  Awesome Autumn Seed Orchard Extravaganza - click the image to scroll through the pics of the day, or see the whole album here!


A perfect autumn day set the scene for an amazing day to discover the Little Para Seed Orchard, Hillbank.  

The community had the opportunity to sign up as volunteers for the day and work alongside the Playford Greening & Landcare volunteers to undertake mulching, seed collection, weeding and pruning to learn about the importance of local native plants.  Greening volunteer Chris Tew (seed collector extraordinaire ) said "the highlight of the day was seeing the children really engaged keen to understand the different seeds and plants and even try those suitable to be eaten such ‘Enchylaena tomentosa’ fruit aka Ruby Saltbush"


OPAL ran a nature play challenge where families got to design and create a miniature version of the 'ultimate play space' using natural resources. With some simple creativity the activity ended up moving from miniature to a large stick cubby house demonstrating how easy it is to create your own fun in a dry land setting and returning it back after to its natural state, for our wildlife to enjoy. Some special guest visitors including a cuddly koala from the Gorge Wildlife park popped in for a visit and a chat.   An Insect Hunt unearthed an assortment of critters including Black Rock Scorpions, Wolf Spider, lizards, centipedes, inch ants and bees to name a few. The kids were really excited by their finds but were relieved (not as much as the parents) when we returned them all back to their homes at the end of the day. The day finished off with a picnic BBQ lunch with everyone relaxing under the gum trees, immersed in nature together in the Playford Little Para Seed Orchard.


‘All the volunteers were informative and engaging with the children which can be difficult to do over such a long event. Congrats to them all for a job well done’

Feedback from a participant on the day. It was great to see the Playford Volunteers in action and helping educate our community along the way!



Insect Hotel workshop a great success!

Slideshow from Insect Hotel Workshop at the Playford Operation Centre, Saturday September 13th, 2014


About 30 people participated in the Insect Hotel workshop held at the Playford Operations Centre on Saturday the 13th of September, and a good time was had by all! Check out the slideshow above for some idea of what went on on the day - and keep your eyes peeled - or email - for the next one!



Encouraging wildlife back into our local areas….it’s easy and rewarding!

Did you know?

  • That the hollows in trees around your local area can take well over 100 years to fully decay and be suitable for wildlife?
  • Australia has the most hollow dependant wildlife in the world!
  • Around the Adelaide plains we have less than 3% remnant vegetation (this is what our native wildlife rely on for habitat).

South Australia has a growing population with new developments and new homes being built, infill developments are putting pressure on our trees plus the added challenges of climate change, drought, heat waves  and storms all take their toll on our birds, reptiles and small mammals . Often our wildlife is pushed away from our urban areas in the effort to find new homes.

We have an idea!

You may have noticed Playford is very lucky to be surrounded by so much open space with numerous treed dry land reserves.

However large numbers of these trees will not produce hollows for many years to come, but with a little help we can overcome this by installing breeding boxes, while nature is slowly creating new homes within our trees.


link to the birds, bats and biodiversity set on Flickr    link to the birds, bats and biodiversity set on Flickr

Council staff and community members at work during the launch of the project in Hillbank


Council has taken a proactive approach to bringing native wildlife back to the community launching  ‘Be Active with Birds, Bats & Biodiversity pilot project”. With the first site based in Hillbank, residents and representatives from the Rotary’s Native Nestbox Project (ROBIN) met on the 11 June along with local mascot “Playford Pete” to showcase the new bird and bat boxes donated by Rotary and installed by Council.

The Rotary spoke to the residents about the successes they had had over the past 16 years the ROBIN project “working to save the glossy black cockatoo and even having a role in finding the feathertail glider, thought to be extinct, and the western pygmy possum.”

The success of the project will be reliant on the local volunteers who will ‘get active’ and regularly walk through the area to monitor any activity and report back to Council. The volunteers also got their hands dirty planting a range of local native plants located under and near the newly installed breeding boxes, the understory plantings will encourage and support a diverse array of wildlife right under our doorstep.

To further help our native wildlife  you can get started by  Bird Scaping your own gardens this is where you select native bird attracting plants that look great as well as help bring back to our community birds, Bats and Biodiversity.

Be Active with Birds Bats and Biodiversity is all about community getting out and about Being Active, connecting with each other, appreciating our wildlife  and realising how lucky we are to have such a great city with open spaces that encourage wildlife for all to enjoy!

For further information please contact the City of Playford , Perry Brampton, City Operations on 8256 0410 or Roxanne Withers, Volunteer Strategy & Development Officer, City of Playford on 8256 0263.




Promotion video for the Birds, Bats and Bipodiversity Explore Film Create competition - see Playford Biodiversity's YouTube Channel.
Slideshow from the Birds, Bats and Biodiversity event at the Burgate Reserve, Elizabeth Grove, Sat. 12th of April, 2014


'backyard biodiversity - the importance of hollows' on the Playford Biodiversity YouTube Channel


'backyard biodiversity - creating habitat' on the Playford Biodiversity YouTube Channel


Slideshow of the launch of the Be Active with Birds, Bats and Biodiverity project from the Playford Biodiverity Flickr site


link to the birds, bats and biodiversity set on Flickr

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