Election Signage

Election signage is a defined sign encouraging the public to vote for a particular political candidate. There are rules put in place by the City of Playford that are associated with the placement of election signs.

As per the LGA Control of Election Signage Policy the posting or erection of election signage does not need approval from Council provided the guidelines set in the policy are met.

The City of Playford allows some flexibility with election signage erected in a public place, signs must:

  • Be less than 1 square metre in area and be limited to one sign per site/pole;
  • Only be displayed during the ‘election period’;
  • Be placed on ‘stobie’ poles or ‘gooseneck’ light poles;
  • Contain the name and address of both the person authorising the promotional material (the publisher) and the printer of it;
  • Be fastened securely so that they cannot become detached in high winds and endanger safety.

The City of Playford prohibits:

  • Signs erected within 6 metres of an intersection or junction, or in any other location that may pose a hazard to pedestrians or road users;
  • Signs erected on a carriageway, dividing strip (median), traffic island, roundabout, or within 50 metres of a signalised intersection, roundabout or pedestrian activated crossing, or along the Northern Expressway;
  • Signs erected in places that cause sight obstructions;
  • Self-adhesive signs or signs that cause damage to infrastructure;
  • Signs erected on trees, shrubs or plants;
  • Signs erected on street signs, traffic control signs, parking signs or attached poles;
  • Signs erected on High Tension power lines, transformers or similar street infrastructure.

NB: ‘election period’ is deemed from the issuing of writs to the closing of polls for Federal and State elections. Four weeks immediately before the date set for polling day and ending at the close of voting on polling day for Local Government elections.

Further clarification - Memo to Candidates - Election Signage Advice from CEO(78 kb)

Additional details are enclosed in the Control of Election Signage Policy and the LGA Guidelines for Election Signage(556 kb)


Electoral Material

ALL electoral material must contain

  • The name and address of the person authorising the material
  • If the material is printed, the name and address of the printer
  • If the material is published in a newspaper as a letter to the editor, the name and address of the writer
  • MUST NOT contain inaccurate and misleading statements purporting to be fact

Signage Complaints

If you have concerns regarding the type, size, fixing or positioning  please contact Council whom may manage in accordance with Council's By-Law 3 – Local Government Land or Council's Control of Election Signage Policy.

By-Law 3 - Local Government Land - By-Law No 3(1071 kb)

Control of Election Signage Policy - Control of Election Signage Policy

 For further information please contact Customer Care on 8256 0333.


If the complaint relates to the Wording/Content of the Signage, please refer to the Electoral Commission Complaint Protocl or refer the matter/person to the Electoral Commission of South Australia, details below.


Level 6, 60 Light Square
SA 5000
GPO Box 646
Adelaide, SA5001

Telephone: 1300 655 232 (within SA only) or +61 8 7424 7400

Fax: +61 8 7424 7444

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm


Electoral Commission Complaints Protocol - Electoral Commission Complaints Protocol(39 kb)


Authorised by Mal Hemmerling * 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park, SA 5113 * Playford@playford.sa.gov.au * (08) 8256 0333

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