Graffiti Prevention & Removal


The following strategies can help to prevent graffiti:

  • vegetation - shrubs and bushy plants near buildings help restrict access to walls or views into buildings
  • lighting - a well-lit area may deter vandalism
  • legal art and murals - vandals seldom attack the work of other artists
  • paints and coatings - always keep extra paint of the same colour as your walls, fences and other painted surfaces
  • graffiti resistant surfaces - try to avoid plain, smooth surfaces or fences
  • securing your property - secure items such as benches, barbecues and wheelie bins so they can't be used to gain access to walls or rooftops

For more information, download the graffiti prevention guidelines that have been developed by the Brisbane City Council who have kindly given their permission for it to be reproduced here.

Index (67.4kb)
Order A - Access Control (151kb)
Order B - Canvas Reduction (286kb)
Order C - Easy Maintenance Selections (205kb)

You can download Acrobat Reader for free.

The best way to manage graffiti vandalism in our Community is for every resident and business owner to remove graffiti immediately after it appears on their property.


For information on how to report and remove graffiti from Council and private property, please use the links on the left.

If you notice graffiti on Utility property (ie bus stops, electricity boxes, etc) this is the responsibility of the utility company and should be reported to them directly.


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