Graffiti Prevention & Removal

Graffiti Removal on Private Property
It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their own property by removing graffiti. How you can remove graffiti:
  • Brush or scourer with soapy water, turps or metholated spirits
  • Paint over it
  • If the above do not work, specific chemicals can be purchased from most hardware stores
Council's Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program is available to assist reisdents who are unable to remove the graffiti due to age or disability. Please call us on 8256 0333 for further information.
Graffiti Removal on Council Property

Graffiti on Council property can be reported to our Customer Care on 8256 0333 or online. 

  • Graffiti on Sporting Clubs: Under their lease agreement with Council, it is the responsibility of the club to remove graffiti off the Club building within 2 days. Council may assist through its Graffiti Volunteer Program.
  • Graffiti on Bus Shelters: Council does a Bus Shelter 'run' each week to check shelters for general maintenance and to remove any graffiti. Residents are encouraged to adopt a shelter as a volunteer to assist Council in removing graffiti.
  • Graffiti on Signs: Graffiti on Council owned signs is removed by our staff or by volunteers. Advertising/ business signs are the responsibility of the owner; however, our volunteers can assist with graffiti removal. Graffiti removal on structures on major arterial roads are the responsibility of Transport SA (Free Call 131 084).
  • Graffiti on Fences: Council removes graffiti from fences that face council owned property such as parks, reserves and laneways. Private fences facing onto footpaths are the responsibility of the resident/business. 
  • Graffiti on Council Buildings: Council attempts to remove graffiti from its buildings within 2 days of being reported.
  • Graffiti on Parks & Playgrounds: Periodic checks of structures in Council's parks & playgrounds are conducted by Council staff.
  • Graffiti on Roads & Footpaths: Council staff remove graffiti from its roads & footpaths. Graffiti removal on major arterial roads are the responsibility of Transport SA (Free Call 131 084).
Graffiti as an Art Form

Young people and other community members who are seeking legal surfaces to put up artwork and graffiti 'pieces' are encouraged to contact Council's Graffiti Program Coordinator on 8256 0228, or email

Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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