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Impounded Dogs

A Community Inspectors first concern is for the safety of a dog which is found wandering and not under effective control of its owner. Lost dogs are often frightened, not traffic smart and react negatively to strangers, placing the dog and the safety of the general public at risk. Dogs are impounded to ensure that they are contained and cared for until their owners claim them.

Animal Welfare League

The Animal Welfare League, located at 4 Hewittson Road, Edinburgh North operates as the pound facility for the City of Playford. All stray animals picked up by the council are held at the facility for 72 hours.

Under the Dog and Cat Management Act there are clear legislative requirements regarding the impounding of dogs and the disposal of impounded dogs. Found dogs must be reported to council immediately so that every attempt to reunite the dog with its owner can be made.

  • Councils are required under Dog and Cat Management Act to hold impounded dogs for a maximum of 72 hours
  • After the 72 hour time period has elapsed unclaimed dogs are transfered to the Animal Welfare league shelter. Dogs are temperament tested for suitability for rehousing into the community. All dogs suitable for rehousing are vaccinated, health checked and desexed before being put up for adoption by the Animal Welfare league.

Animal Welfare League cannot release your dog without approval from Council.

What are the fees?

Impounded fee of $60 per dog

Please note a further $15 each day or part thereof is charged after the first day of impoundment per dog.

The City of Playford will not release impounded dogs unless all fees and charges relating to the impoundment of the dog are paid and the dog is currently registered as per the requirement under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. The employees of the Animal Welfare League are not responsible for processes relating to impoundment, return of the dog, fees and charges. Animal Welfare League acts only in the capacity of pound caretaker for the City of Playford.

Please see the list below of the dogs impounded by council in the last 7-10 days. If your dog is not on the list, please phone customer service to report your lost dog (24 Hour service)

If your dog is on the impound list please contact Playford Council as soon as possible to advise when you would like to collect your dog and we can arrange a release for you.

The Animal Welfare League now have EFTPOS facilities to take payments over the weekend. During the week payments remain the same and must be made at one of Council’s Customer Care locations. For more information on our Customer Care locations and opening hours please visit our contact page.

City of Playford
Telephone: 8256 0333 (24 hours)

Animal Welfare League Northern Annexe
Telephone: 8256 0000

Current Impounded Animals

Breed Colour Sex Registration Date Other Details Photo
American Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) BLACK M 21/02/2017 0514 Click for a larger image
Australian Cattle Dog (Cross) TAN & BROWN F 19/02/2017 0504 Click for a larger image
Australian Kelpie (Cross) WHITE, BLACK PATCH ON RUMP & SPECKS ON EARS F 16/02/2017 0497 Click for a larger image
Border Collie (Cross) BLACK & WHITE F 19/02/2017 0505 Click for a larger image
Cavalier King Charles (Cross) WHITE WITH BROWN PATCHES M 15/02/2017 0491 Click for a larger image
Chihuahua Long Coat (Cross) WHITE WITH BROWN PATCHES F 15/02/2017 0492 Click for a larger image
Chihuahua Smooth Coat (Cross) TAN & BROWN M 18/02/2017 0502 Click for a larger image
Maltese (Cross) WHITE F 17/02/2017 0499
Mastiff (Cross) BRINDLE WITH WHITE ON CHEST & TOES M 23/02/2017 0522 Click for a larger image
Shar-Pei (Cross) TAN & BROWN M 22/02/2017 0521 Click for a larger image
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) BLACK & TAN WITH WHITE MARKINGS F MICROCHIPPED 15/02/2017 0494 Click for a larger image
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) TAN & BROWN F 18/02/2017 0503 Click for a larger image
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) BRINDLE & WHITE F 19/02/2017 0507
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) BRINDLE & WHITE F MICROCHIPPED 20/02/2017 0513 Click for a larger image
Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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