Water Proofing Northern Adelaide

A coordinated plan to Water Proof Northern Adelaide and sustain our region. 


Completed in June 2010, Waterproofing Northern Adelaide (WNA) was a joint project to improve urban water management in Adelaide's northern region. The Cities of Playford, Salisbury and Tea Tree Gully worked together with the help of a $41.8 million grant from the Australian Government's Water Smart Australia program as well as State Government, the Natural Resource Management board and private partners.

In the City of Playford, Waterproofing Northern Adelaide will help to provide up to 80 per cent of our water needs for irrigation.  Key projects include developing major wetland sites and associated aquifer storage and recovery facilities at Munno Para West, Andrews Farm, and Adams Creek, along with a network of reticulation mains designed to deliver recycled stormwater to Council irrigation sites.


It is difficult to overstate the impact which achieving Water Proofing Northern Adelaide will have - not only on the region which it targets but on the wider South Australian community.

The Plan is ambitious, comprehensive and on a scale of national significance. Broadly, it seeks to ensure 300,000 residents of the northern Adelaide region have 'fit for purpose' water available as a substitute for drinking water in the region while at the same time reducing Adelaide city's reliance on the already hard-pressed resources of the River Murray.

It is proposed to do this within a framework of reduced consumption, better management of existing systems and the use of pioneering technologies not yet in use anywhere in the world. The project gained its final funding approvals on 16 April 2007 with a Regional Subsidiary formed called "Waterproofing Northern Adelaide Regional Subsidiary" for the purpose of delivering this project.

The Waterproofing Northern Adelaide project is the ongoing development of wetland and ASR injection sites to enable the injection of treated stormwater into the aquifer for storage and later re-use during summer months for irrigation. 


In the city of Playford the following projects were delivered as part of the Waterproofing Northern Adelaide project -


The total budget for the Waterproofing Northern Adelaide project in the City of Playford is shown in the table below.

Federal Government

State Government (LMC and NRM)

City of Playford (Playford Alive project)

LMC Land contribution








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