Missing or Damaged Sump Lids

If you wish to report a missing or damaged sump lid please contact Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333 or send an email to: Playford@playford.sa.gov.au; identifying the location (including the street number if applicable) and the nature/extent of damage. A Council Officer will inspect the location and carry out an assessment. Works will then be programmed for repair and/or replacement.

Open Drainage Maintenance

This entails the regular cleaning of Council's open drainage network. Some sections of drain will occasionally require the removal of undergrowth and silt build up and others may require treatment for erosion. Ultimately, these treatments will help ensure free flow of water for all of the piped stormwater systems that drain into the open drain network.

Piped Drainage Maintenance

This task involves the cleaning of all the side entry pits, junction boxes and gross pollutant traps that are located throughout the City, as well as any structural repairs that are required. Regular cleaning of these stormwater systems reduces the incidence of flooding and provides a better quality of water that eventually finds its way into our water catchment systems.

Blocked Sump

If you wish to report a blocked sump please contact Customer Care on (08) 8256 0333; send an email to: Playford@playford.sa.gov.au; identifying the location (inc street number if applicable).


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