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backyard biodiversity stall - australia day 2016

Did we see you at the Backyard Biodiversity stall?

The stall was part of the City of Playford's Australia Day celebrations. Check out the photos by scrolling through them above, or view the whole set here.

Activities included the Possum Pledge, where residents were photographed making commitments to boost the backyard biodiversity of the city and making shorebird mobiles to celebrate the creation of the new Adelaide Inernational Bird Sanctuary, which will include Playford's entire coastal strip.

It was a great day! Thanks go to all those who took part.



Sustainability is all about finding ways in which we can still enjoy a fantastic quality of life, but by using means that do not reduce the opportunity for other people, both now and in the future, to do the same.

There are many simple, important and rewarding changes we can make to reduce our own ecological ‘footprint’. The sections below have been compiled to inform you on the major issues, and to show you how you can take control of your sustainability. Think Global, Act Local – it’s up to all of us!

Please follow the links below, or at left, to get more information on the various aspects of making our Council truly sustainable -

Painted Button Quail Para Wirra Recreation Park SA by Danny McCreadie - link to Biodiversity and Environment link to Energy and Climate Change
Biodiversity and Environment Energy and Climate Change
Footprint-Weltkarte by dekade - link to Carbon Footprint Calculator Smoke Stack from Sugar Factory in Belle Glade Florida by Kim Seng - link to Reducing Energy Consumption
Carbon Footprint Calculator Reducing Energy Consumption
Sustainability graphic by photologue_np  - link to Leading a Sustainable Lifestyle COP - insect hotel workshop - sept 2014 - 7435
Leading a Sustainable Lifestyle A Sustainable Playford Council
Bombardier - link to Transport recycling plastics by mbeo - link to Waste and Recycling
 Transport  Waste and Recycling
Ripples by James Jordan - link to Water Resources link to What is Sustainability?
Water Resources What is Sustainability?
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