A Sustainable Playford Council

The City of Playford (CoP) is committed to deliver services to the community in a sustainable, ecologically sound and responsible manner. CoP’s goal is to secure a sustainable future for Playford’s community and environment through leadership, innovation, collaboration and engagement, specifically by achieving the following objectives:

  • Protecting and improving our natural environment
  • A City with attractive buildings and landscapes
  • Waste that is managed in a responsible manner
  • Water that is managed in a responsible manner

More information regarding the CoP’s sustainability objects can be found in the Council’s Strategic Directions Discussion Paper 4



What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a ‘buzz’ word that is now often used in strategic planning for our communities. Click the link below to find out more information on what sustainability is, and how it is achieved.

What is Sustainability?



The Judd Road Habitat Tree

The first if its kind in the council, the Judd Road Habitat Tree is a deceased River Red Gum that has been manicured to create homes for a range of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects instead of being cut down.



Land Management and Biodiversity

The CoP runs a variety of programs to enhance the natural environment in the area to ensure local native plants and animals will continue to thrive into the future, as well as facilitating education amongst the public in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management. See the CoP Land Management and Biodiversity page to find out more.



Waterproofing Playford

The CoP has been acting to secure our precious water resources through the ‘Waterproofing Playford’ stormwater capture and reuse program. Find out more information regarding the project here.



Para Wirra Recreation Park


The Parra Wirra Recreation Park is a snapshot back through time into what the Northern Mt Lofty Ranges looked like before European settlement. The Park’s beauty and recreation value is a great reminder of how many great plants and animals we have in the area, and how important it is to protect them to make sure they can be enjoyed for generations to come.


For more information on the Parra Wirra Recreation Park see the National Parks Para Wirra Website, or take the fantastic virtual tour below.



The Para Wirra Recreation Park Virtual Tour

take a Georama virtual tour of Para Wirra



Elizabeth South Eco-Innovation Project


A study by the CoP into smarter energy consumption has resulted in annual savings of over $70,000 a year across the energy usage of two local businesses, not to mention a huge amount of carbon emissions. See the link below to find out more about the study.


Elizabeth South Eco-Innovation Project




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