Get exploring and find hidden treasures in Playford! Join the geocaching adventure in your local community today.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a fun and exciting treasure hunting game that anyone with a GPS device or Smartphone can play. It involves following clues to search for hidden containers called geocaches or caches. The caches may contain all sorts of treasure and trinkets to be exchanged, clues to other caches or items that can be tracked such as Travel Bugs. Once you’ve found a cache you log your find and share your experience on line.

The size of caches varies from very small to large. They are usually hidden in plain sight and well camouflaged, but are never buried. While small caches are fun to find they are more challenging and don’t contain treasure. The fun is in finding the cache! The larger caches are more suited to kids because trinkets can be found and exchanged.

Geocaching is something that you can do all over the world and it is always exciting to find a cache. You must always take care to keep the location of the cache a secret – that’s part of the fun!

Geocaching is a great way to explore the parks and places in the City of Playford. There are hundreds of geocaches across the city – there might be one near you right now!



How does it work?

Other Geocachers hide caches in secret locations in the community and upload the coordinates and clues to Generally they are a waterproof box which along with trinkets and treasures will include a log book for you to sign and date. But of course a micro cache can be very small with just a log book to record that you have found it.

To find a geocache, download a free App for your iPhone or Android phone to find out where the closest caches are located. Once you have found a cache fill in the log book and go on and log your find for others to view. Swap a trinket if the cache contains treasure which can be anything small and inexpensive such a Christmas bon bon toys, key ring, sticker or figurine.

Don’t have a smart phone? GPS units are now available to borrow for free from the Playford Civic Centre Library. Ask at the library for further information or call 8256 0333.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information on how to get started or where you can find geocaches in your local area, visit or download the 'How to Geocache' factsheet(3256 kb).


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